Schedule in English

Advanced Civilization SM

Interested in Advanced Civilization? Welcome to play on LinCon in that case! My name is Christer Pettersson, called Chrisp, and I have organized Civilization and Advanced Civilization at LinCon so long that I do not know when I started.

Are you a beginner or veteran? In this open Swedish championship you play original of all Civilization Games, a game that suits everyone! Grow, build, trade with other players and research to cope better with earthquakes, betrayals, starvation, epidemics, barbarians, pirates and much more around the Mediterranean from the beginning of history until the Roman empire is founded by the winner. It is possible to war too, but in most cases it usually pays best for those players who are not in the war.

This year the qualification is played as in the past two years - the whole game in 5-6 hours. Here is all you need to know about the qualification and the final and you can also comment on asking questions and I will try to answer as well as I can. The text will be updated up to and including LinCon, so peek in and out.

Some only come to play the qualifier, so do not hesitate to participate even if you do not want to play the final. Anyone who wishes can play both qualifications.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Advanced Civilization SM ()

Time slots
Wed 20:15 - Thur 02:00 : T27
Thur 13:15 - Thur 19:30 : T27
Fri 13:15 - Fri 23:30 (final) : T27
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Axis and Allies

Take control of one of the major powers during world war 2 (or world war 1), and test your ability as commander of the country. Wether you have never played Axis and Allies before or have played since the first version was released over 30 years ago we have a version for you.

We will have many different variants of the game prepared for dropin-gamers. There are many variants of the game playable from two hours upuntil a full day. We are happy to teach you the basics if you have never tried before and can join in if you need another player. We will (at least) have the following versions: 1914, 1941, 1942 and Axis and allies Global. Let lose the dices of war and let the struggle begin!

Organized by: Axis and Allies ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 13:00 : S19
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : S19
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : S19
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : S19
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : S19
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S19
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : S19
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : S19

Classic Crawler - Drop-In

We play a Dungeon Crawler in classic style with inspiration from roguelike with the help of Descent 2ed. Roguelike is a genre within computer games with examples like Angband, NetHack. It is based on randomized dungeons where every game is different. In our case the dungeon will have a set of predetermined choices which will be picked at random. You will get new items and level up your heroes over the course of this game. At the end of the dungeon is the final boss, a vicious dragon.

We will play up to a maximum of 3 hours but will most likely be finished between 1 and 2. No previous experience needed. Drop-in.

Organized by: Descent - Classic Crawler ()

Time slots
Thur 10:15 - Thur 23:30 : S3

Honey Bee Adventure

Have you ever thought "What does a honey bee do inside the beehive?"
Come find out in Honeybee Adventure! A familyparty game with up to 4 players for ages 8-99.

Take control of a newborn honeybee who has just received his first mission! To collect all the honey in the honeycomb.
You have to impress the queen and show her what you're made of! Your opponents have also received
the same mission, which means that the one who collects most honey wins!

But danger lurks the Beehive! A cruel Wasp is looking for you!
Be on your guard, explore the changing hive, fly around and steal honey from a teammate or
use the shortcuts and more to become the most diligent honey bee!

With or without teamwork, expect 15-35 minutes play time. 50 honey drops, 61 tiles and one queen!

Organized by: Bikupan ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : T2
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T2

LinCon Game Jam

Game design activity for anyone who enjoys creating games. In 4 hours we go from idea to playable game. It can be board games, card games or similar. The activity begins by jointly (with some help from randomness) create a theme. Then we have a brainstorming session where we will discuss how it can be made into a game. Finally we build prototypes and playtest.

Some game drafting matrial will be available. Designs from earlier years will be available for test play.

Organized by: LinCon Game Jam ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T2
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T2

Middara, KDM and other rare games plus miniature painting

We will be running demos for the soon to be release KS board game Middara and Kingdom Death: Monster. There will also be other older rare games available to play in the room and a miniature painting area set up for those who are interested in painting some of their games figures. We provide the paints and brushes so a small fee to cover material costs or you can bring your own supplies and join us for free.

Organized by: Game Demos and Painting ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Thur 01:00 : S23
Thur 09:15 - Thur 13:00 : S23
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : S23
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : S23
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : S23
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S23
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : S23
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : S23
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : S23
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : S23


Even if you since before have interest in and know everything about mythologhy, legends, folklore and modern tales or you never heard of Cerberus, Susanoo, Ragnar?k or Dullahan you are Welcome to us and play games that roots in the themes above.
Drop in gaming.

Organized by: MYTHOS & More ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Thur 01:00 : S6
Thur 13:00 - Thur 21:00 : S6
Fri 13:00 - Fri 21:00 : S6
Sat 13:00 - Sat 21:00 : S6

Print and play rummet

We provide a share amount of print and play games for you to try out. Everyting is prepared and we gladley explain the games to you. There is also internet links and QR-codes if you would like to download the games for your selves.

Organized by: PnP ()

Time slots
Sat 09:15 - Sat 18:00 : S10

Provspela Gunsword - Trigger discipline

GUNSWORD is a tactical card game designed to recreate the elegance and aggression of a gunsword duel. Careful positioning, bluffing, and strategic card combinations are your tools to defeat your opponent. You can play a careful game of inches or swing wild with bold plays that dare your opponent to respond.

Modified chess system makes movement simple and easy to read. If you know how chess pieces move on a board, you already know how to move in GUNSWORD.

Mix and match your favorite duelists and weapons to create unique combos!

Momentum resource determines turn order and card costs. Powerful attacks leave you open to combos from your opponent, but taking advantage of the right opportunity might be worth the risk!

Organized by: Gunsword - Trigger Discipline ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 12:00 : S10
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S10
Sat 09:15 - Sat 12:00 : S10
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : S10


Come and playtest our latest games in development! Learn what's needed to get your own game development started!

Organized by: Spelutvecklarrummet ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 13:00 : T2
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T2
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : T2
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : T2
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T2
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : T2
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T2
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T2
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T2
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : T2

Stockmarket Schnauzers

There is a boom economy and the start ups are lining up to be introduced on the stock markets. You have the connections that could help (or destroy) any of these companies, A few investors with more money than experience are listening do your every word on investments, and they will do as you tell them.

Unfortunately there are a few shady people around who could interfere with your plans, or beat you to the coveted IPO, your opponents.

Who will best manage the rumours and events (card based) that will make or break the startups.
Who is the craftiest in using insider information to predict what the other players are planning?
If you win the game, you get to wok on Wall Street, if you lose, you can retire comfortably on Bahamas.

The game is for 4-6 players, all the rules and card texts are on English.

This is a prototype game, the playing time for a full game is probably 1-2 hours but a shortened version can be used if you just want to try it out (and to increase the number of tests).

Organized by: Stockmarket Schnauzers ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T2

Tea Time Productions

We bring some of our games, both released and upcoming.
Tribes: Early Civilization, Hungry! and Ski Tour: Biathlon will be among the games.
Please come and talk to us about board game development or just to hang out in a nice environment!
We have games with us to suit everyone! Do you want to build a civilization, feed animals or compete in ski tour!?
If you want to play an other game that is not produced by us we will bring a few games from our private collections. Feel free to play them with us!
Come and hang with us!

Organized by: Tea Time Productions ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : R44
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : R44
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : R44
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : R44
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : R44
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : R44
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : R44
Sat 21:15 - Sun 01:00 : R44

Terraforming Mars SM

Friday 13.15 we gather to start the tornament of Terraforming Mars. During Friday we will play a total of 3 games each to determen who will be the finalists. We will use the not yet released expansion "Prelude" in all games.

First game will be the basic game.
Second game will be corporate era + a new map (Players choise)
Third game will be corporate era + Venus next.

We take this tornament seriously, so in order to reduce bad luck, each player will have the chance of re draw starting hand, once during the tornament.

This is a torunament

Organized by: FryxGames ()

Time slots
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S27
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : S27

Turnering i Blokus

Blokus tournament: The competition is comprised of two qualification events and one final. In every game of Blokus there are four competitors playing against each. Each player is simultionouslys trying to get rid of as many as one's own game pieces as possible and block the other players from placeing their tiles. For more information aboute the rules and point giving system of the tournament, you can visit the game bar named "Spels?llskapet Myrans" game bar. During the qualification events several matches will be played and during the final only one match will be played by those who were qualified.

To register your participation in the tournament, you can fill out your namn on the list of registration at the game bar of "Spels?llskapet Myran".

Times of the tournament:
Qualification event 1: Thursday 17:15-21:00
Qualification event 2: Friday 17:15-21:00
Final: Saturday 17:15-21:00

This is a torunament

Organized by: Spelsällskapet Myran Blokus ()

Time slots
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : S11
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : S11
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : S11
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : S11

FryxGames Spelrum

Velcome to FryxGames gaming room! Here you can play, and buy our games. Besides the released titles you find our prototypes for future games, not yet released. Test, comment, chat and have fun!
You can find these titles here:
Terraforming Mars (med expansioner)
Fleets (med expension)
Brawling barons (+prototyper till expansioner)
After the virus
Space station (med promocards)
Wilderness (ej till salu)
Angels & Demons: Battle of the soul. (XL-prototyp)
Fate: Defenders of the grim valley. (prototyp)

Organized by: FryxGames ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 21:00 : S27
Fri 09:15 - Fri 21:00 : S27
Sat 09:15 - Sat 21:00 : S27

Kickstarterbaren hos Seriebörsen

Play games, mostly from Kickstarter but also a couple of locally produced favorites, all day long.

Organized by: Kickstarterbaren hos Seriebörsen ()

Time slots
Thur 10:00 - Thur 22:00 : S25
Fri 10:00 - Fri 22:00 : S25
Sat 10:00 - Sat 22:00 : S25
Sun 10:00 - Sun 13:00 : S25

Nördboets Zombierum och Sci-fi-rum

N?rdboets Zombierum - Board game bar with a zombie and horror theme.
Zombierummet is a board game bar with the theme of zombies, horror and survival. N?rdboet has under several years gathered a solid collection of zombie games and arranged Zombierummet on conventions all over the country. This year we have expanded the theme to include general horror and we're offering anything that could be considered scary!

N?rdboets Sci-fi-rum - Board game var with a science fiction theme
Sci fi-rummet will be a board game bar with a science fiction theme, that will offer games in different genres that explores and colonizes space, builds and battles with spaceships, tests your abilities with intergalactic diplomacy. It will offer both fast and lighthearted experiences, as well as grandiose and epic games.

Organized by: Nördboet ()

Time slots
Thur 10:00 - Fri 00:00 : Kök T-korr
Fri 10:00 - Sat 00:00 : Kök T-korr
Sat 10:00 - Sun 00:00 : Kök T-korr
Sun 10:00 - Sun 13:00 : Kök T-korr

S.A.R.Z. Spelbar

It is an experience for you to be at S.A.R.Z. gamebar!
We have lots of different, odd, and funny games for you to play!
Not only board- and cardgames, we also have roleplaying game for you to try!
Come and visit us in S.A.R.Z. Gamebar!

Organized by: S.A.R.Z. ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Fri 01:00 : U1
Fri 09:15 - Sat 01:00 : U-Mikrorum
Sat 09:15 - Sun 01:00 : U-Mikrorum
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : U-Mikrorum

Seriösa spelbaren


Organized by: Seriösa ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 13:00 : T1
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T1
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : T1
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : T1
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : T1
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T1
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : T1
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : T1
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T1
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T1
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T1
Sat 21:15 - Sun 01:00 : T1

Spelsällskapet Myrans brädspelsbar

"Spels?llskapets Myran" ("The game socicety of the ant") is a game organisation from Link?ping which during LinCon 2018 will have a board game bar open. Here you can borrow and try out our collection of different board games and card games.

Organized by: Spelsällskapet Myran ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Fri 01:00 : S11
Fri 13:15 - Sat 01:00 : S11
Sat 13:15 - Sun 01:00 : S11

Tema 2018 - Also, I can kill you with my brain

Welcome to this year's edition of the Theme Room aka Also, I can kill you with my brain. This time around we welcome you to a room filled with all the best games based on the work of Joss Whedon, primarily Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

All games will be prepped and ready to play and we'll be there to guide and help you.

Organized by: Tema 2018 ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : S7
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : S7
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S7
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : S7
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : S7
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : S7

Allt på ett kort

Board game store spreading the analog gaming gospel! For advance orders, please visit our homepage.

Thursday 13-18
Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-17

Organized by: Allt på ett kort ()

Time slots
Thur 13:00 - Thur 18:00 : R27
Fri 10:00 - Fri 18:00 : R27
Sat 10:00 - Sat 17:00 : R27

Bildutställning Henrietta Rydfalk

Henrietta Rydfalk displays and sells artwork on LinCon for the first time. Simple commissions can be completed during the convention. Feel free to come by and chat!

Organized by: Bildutställning Henrietta Rydfalk ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 21:00 : Korr 18 Coll-C4
Fri 09:15 - Fri 21:00 : Korr 18 Coll-C4
Sat 09:15 - Sat 21:00 : Korr 18 Coll-C4
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : Korr 18 Coll-C4

Bildutställning Mats Öhrman

Mats ?hrman shows fantasy illustrations, mostly from various RPG campaigns. Feel free to come by and discuss how to draw on a computer, illustration tips and different techniques you can use as an amateur illustrator. Printouts are available at low prices.

Organized by: Bildutställning Mats Öhrman ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Sun 13:00 : Korr 18 Coll-C4

Johan Falkenjack

My name is Johan Falkenjack and I am a gamer and hobbyist woodworker. Among other things, I build accessories for pen-and-paper role playing, such as dice trays, dice towers, dice organizers, DM-screens, clipboards, etc. Come by my table and look at some of the things I'm selling. At the table I'll have a small stock and I but there will also be samples of or prototypes for other things I can make to order.

Organized by: Johan Falkenjack ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : R19
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : R19
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : R19


Welcome to the Nostalgiaroom.
We sell mainly OOp stuff from all sections of the gaming hobby. Miniatures, boradgames och RPG. Searching for something old and retro?
Come find us, theres a good chanse we have it.

Tired of your old games? Bring em to us and trade for something new.

Organized by: Nostalgirummet ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Thur 01:00 : R18
Thur 09:00 - Fri 01:00 : R18
Fri 09:00 - Sat 01:00 : R18
Sat 09:00 - Sun 01:00 : R18
Sun 09:00 - Sun 13:00 : R18

Weighted Dice Spelbutik

We are a local game store from Katrineholm, with a bit of extra focus on miniature gaming.

Organized by: Weighted Dice Spelbutik ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Fri 01:00 : R22
Fri 09:15 - Sat 01:00 : R22
Sat 09:15 - Sun 01:00 : R22
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : R22

Worldshapers Butik

Worldshapers was started by the Link?ping couple Pablo & Tove to self publish their game "Zoomaka - The animal card game". You can now try, but and compete in Zoomaka in our board game shop. We also answer questions about Kickstarter, Self publishing or our upcoming titles.

During the convent we will arrange a Zoomaka tournament where the winner gets a signed copy of the game.


This is a torunament

Organized by: Worldshapers Butik ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Fri 01:00 : R19
Fri 09:15 - Sat 01:00 : R19
Sat 09:15 - Sun 01:00 : R19
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : R19

30K Titan Battle

You take the role of Princeps and play until you fall or be the only one standing.
In order for this to work, you need to own a Titan (Warlord, Warhound or Reaver) or borrow one to the convention.

More info

Organized by: 30K Titan Battle ()

Time slots
Fri 12:00 - Fri 19:00 : U14


+++ Incoming transmission from Mission Control +++
+++ High priority mission to Ore Logistic Hub near Acheron in Borodino Sector +++
+++ Secure Station and get cooling system online before reactor meltdown +++
+++ All salvageable goods except anything in R&D section as pay +++
+++ Several other teams on route with same deal +++
+++ Colonial Marines 3 hours away +++
+++ Wayland-Yotani Corp - Building Better Worlds +++

Organized by: mctrl ()

Time slots
Thur 10:15 - Thur 13:00 : S26
Thur 14:15 - Thur 17:00 : S26
Fri 10:15 - Fri 13:00 : S26
Fri 14:15 - Fri 17:00 : S26
Sat 10:15 - Sat 13:00 : S26
Sat 14:15 - Sat 17:00 : S26

Assault on Amorion

The Assault on Amorion is a 1500 points Centurion style narrative event. Centurion games represent smaller actions, insurgency, assassinations and tactical skirmishes. For the Assault on Amorion you will only be able to field an army using the Raider and Garrison Force Organisation chart from Book IV Conquest.

As part of the Varangian Heresy Event Series you need to field an infantry character from your HQ choice as part of your force as your Warlord. This Warlord will use character progression and will be part of your army throughout the Event series.

Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders should be the focus of your army and the following units are restricted:

Tanks, Fliers (including flying monstrous creatures), Drop Pods,
Super heavies and Lords of War are not allowed.

Bikes, Attack Bikes, Jet Bikes, Artillery, Monstrous Creatures, Leviathan
Siege Dreadnoughts are 0-1 choices, Note that means you are only allowed to field one of each when it?s vehicles, i.e. no Squadrons or Talons. No special characters are allowed. No Preators, Lord Marshals, Planetary Overlords or Magus Prime. No Phospex is allowed.

With regards to Fortification, during the event players will field a Raider Detachment and Garrison Detachment. Only Garrison Detachments are allowed to field fortifications.

Note this precludes Rites of War as the Raiders and Garrison special rules supersede them. Also note that the Centurion unit restrictions above take precedence over anything that is allowed in the Raiders and Garrison rules.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Horus Heresy ()

Time slots
Sat 09:15 - Sat 21:00 : U14
Pre register in the pre order system!


The success from Gothenburg is now at LinCon! Hj?rnor is a cooperative miniatures game that takes place in small-town M?llinge in the mid-90s, as the zombies attack. Become a hero and try to survive the zombie apocalypse by conducting one of many missions in the game: getting supplies, killing zombies of escape with a helicopter from the advancing horde. Dropin - we play throughout the event. Just drop by and we can let you know when the next estimated start time is. No need to learn anything in advance, we'll teach you when you show up.

Organized by: Eloso förlag ()

Time slots
Thur 13:00 - Fri 01:00 (Drop-In) : P18
Fri 11:00 - Sat 01:00 (Drop-In) : P18
Sat 11:00 - Sun 01:00 (Drop-In) : P18

I drakskeppens tid

Rules DBMM 2.1 with revised army lists (2016). Armies from 790 AD to 1104 AD are welcome. Max 400 AP, of which 25 are reserverad for Naval, Strategems and Brilliant Commanders.

The tournament will be played in four rounds without elimination:
Friday: 8:45 Registration, 9:00 Round 1, 14:30 Round 2
Saturday: 9:00 Round 3, 14:30 Round 4

You sign up by sending your army list for check to April 27 at the latest, but don't hesitate to give us a heads-up earlier.

This is a torunament

Organized by: DBMM ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : P26
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : P26
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : P26
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : P26
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : P26
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : P26

Infinity ITS 300pts

Classic Infinity Tournament Season 9 ITS 300pts 3 rounds. Entry fee 100sek that covers the tournament pack and gift certificates from Alphaspel.

Additional information can be found on the event page on Infinity's OTM, Event name is ITS@LinCon Slaget om St?ngebro 2018.

Sign up in the OTM event page and please send an email to

This is a torunament

Organized by: Infinity-arr ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 21:00 : U10

Kom och testa på Star Wars: Legion

Curious about Fantasy Flight Games latest skirmishgame set in the Star Wars universe? Come and try it out.

For info in about the game in english:

Organized by: Star Wars: Legion ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 13:00 : S22
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : S22
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : S22
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : S22
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : S22

Krigsspelsrummet Figg

Introduction to miniature war games of all kinds!
Come in to roll some dice, beat your friends and move tiny dudes.
We have miniature games of all scales and types, from huge battleships of the seas (or a slightly more oxygen free environment) to lone heroes on the green planes and rumbling tanks on the frozen tundra of Soviet Russia.
Challenge us to a quick battle of the Third World War, or protect humanity from the undead horde.

Organized by: Krigsspelsrummet Figg ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Sun 13:00 : T19

Lilla figurspelsrummet - Battlesworn

Organized by: Lilla Figurspelsrummet ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T23
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : T23
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : T23
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T23
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : T23
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : T23
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T23
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T23
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T23

Lilla figurspelsrummet - Dragon Rampant

Organized by: Lilla Figurspelsrummet ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T23
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : T23
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : T23
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T23
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : T23
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : T23
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T23
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T23
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T23

Lilla figurspelsrummet - Wings of War

Organized by: Lilla Figurspelsrummet ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : T23
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : T23
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : T23
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : T23
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : T23
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : T23
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T23
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T23
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T23

Lincon 2018 - Age of Sigmar

Hi! It is now

This is a torunament

Organized by: Lincon 2018 - Age of Sigmar ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : U3
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : U3
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : U3
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : U3
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : U3
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : U3
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : U3
Sat 21:15 - Sun 01:00 : U3


Tournament in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Edit: 2018-04-08. All Warbands and cards for Shadespire may be used at the tournament. I.e. also The Farstriders and Magore's Fiends.

The following tournament format will be used.
- Best of four matches (each match is best of three games).
- The same warband in all games for a player.
- The decks may be rebuilt between games.
- The opponent will be announced at least 10 minutes before game start to enable deck tailoring.
- If the decks are not ready by game start the opponent gains 2 glory points. If the decks are not ready 10 minutes after game start then the opponent wins.
- Only glory points are used to decide the winner. A game is tied if both players have the same number of glory points or if the difference in glory points is 1.

If a player with painted figures plays against a player with unpainted figures then the player with the painted figures decides on who will place the game board first.
All players need to bring everything required to play.
Maximum number of participants: 32
Pre-registration is not required, but if there are too many registered then participants are selected in order or registration date. Pre-registration to

Th 13:15 Registration
Th 13:45 Match 1
Th 16:30 Match 2
Th 17:15 Match 3
Th 19:00 Match 4

This is a torunament

Organized by: Shadespire ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : U14
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : U14

SM i Dust 1947

A Swedish championship in Dust 1947 will be played on a grid. More information and registration at

This is a torunament

Organized by: Dust 1947 ()

Time slots
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : T27
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : T27
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : T27

Warhammer 40K - Tournament

Warhammer 40K tournament.

More information please visit:

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Organized by: Warhammer 40K Tournament ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : R41
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : R41
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : R41
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : R41
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : R41
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : R41
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : R41

Warmachine Lincon

Two Warmachine/Hordes tournaments will be played att Lincon more info at:

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Organized by: arrwarmachine ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : R35
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : R35
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : R35
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : R35
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : R35
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : R35
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : R35
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : R35

Warmaster Revolution

Tournament in Warmaster Revulotion
Rulesystem, Warmaster Revolution 1.0 (free download
Armylistsr: Warmaster revolution 0,1 ( v?lja warmaster evolution)
Armysize 2000pts
Paintingdemands: None, but it is known that painted figures fight bettre
Other: some knowledge about the rules and the army you are going to play with. Everything you need to know can be learned in the try warmaster event the day before. We have a few armies to borrow
Signing upp: Send an email to or talk to the organiser of try warmaster, latest the 10 of mai.

Schedule (preleminary)
9-12 Match 1
13-16-Match 2
16-19 Match 3
19 Award ceremony

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Organized by: Warmaster ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : U15
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : U15
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : U15
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : U15

Android: Netrunner LCG

Tournament in Android: Netrunner

Sign up via Facebook:
You can also sign up on site if there are places left.

Registration from 10:30, tournament start preliminary at 11:00.

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Organized by: Netrunner ()

Time slots
Sat 09:15 - Sat 13:00 : R42
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : R42
Sat 17:15 - Sat 21:00 : R42

L5R - Legends of the Five Rings - Regionals

Legend of the Five Rings regional,
official Fantasy Flight Games organized play.

Sign up here:

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Organized by: Legends of the Five Rings - Regionals ()

Time slots
Fri 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : R36
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : R36
Fri 17:15 - Fri 21:00 : R36
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : R36

Stage fighting prova-på

The Nordic Stage Fight Society is a theatre organisation which trains actors, martial artists, historical re-enactors, LARPers and anyone else who likes swords in stage combat and other physical illusions of violence for stage, TV and film.

NSFS has members in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Iceland, amongst others. The organisation works to develop stage combat as an art form, for both future business and to promote and train stage fighting in the Nordics and the world.
As a participant in a workshop, we will push you beyond your boundaries to become better at historical techniques, to use various weapons correctly and safely and also to tell a story through conflict. Every duel and battle has the potential to tell the audience something of your characters, their driving forces and motivations through their struggle.

See our website ( for video promos and more information, both about stage fighting and the big summer workshop, this year in Link?ping.

Organized by: Nordic Stage Fight Society ()

Time slots
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : Ljusgården


The earth is on the brink of collapse. Resources and the number of humans are carefully balanced. Big brother sees you from birth to death. And in the middle of this you try to lead a normal life, in the everyday routines you know. Can you do that?

A dystopic Black Mirror-drama in a near future, where the players get to explore powerlessness, ethical dilemmas and what a human is actually worth.

Or one can just come play for the emotional rollercoaster.

No preciiis experience needed, but we think it's good to be above 13 to play this larp.

Organized by: Vågspel ()

Time slots
Thur 14:00 - Thur 15:30 : R42
Thur 15:30 - Thur 17:00 : R42
Fri 14:00 - Fri 15:30 : R42
Fri 15:30 - Fri 17:00 : R42
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Casual Magic

Visit us and let us teach you how to play the cardgame Magic the Gathering. We will show you how the game works and we give you an opportunity to play during the whole day. Everything is free and we give away boosters as prices in tournaments.

Organized by: Casual Magic ()

Time slots
Thur 10:00 - Thur 22:00 (Fritt Spel) : R34
Thur 10:00 - Thur 18:00 (Demo Magic) : R34
Thur 16:00 - Thur 20:00 (Casualturnering) : R34
Fri 10:00 - Fri 22:00 (Fritt Spel) : R34
Fri 10:00 - Fri 18:00 (Demo Magic) : R34
Fri 16:00 - Fri 20:00 (Casualturnering) : R34
Sat 10:00 - Sat 22:00 (Fritt Spel) : R34
Sat 10:00 - Sat 18:00 (Demo Magic) : R34
Sat 16:00 - Sat 20:00 (Casualturnering) : R34

Caravans elexir

The US after the civil war: The Caravan family travels trough a country recently ravaged by war. They are neither prominent or reputable, but what they lack in wealth they make up in industriousness.
Since they lack the means to posses permanent residence they move from town to town in pursuit of new opportunities and selling the one thing that brings the family a somewhat steady income: Mr. Caravans miracle elixir.
Without the slightest scruples the family members search for opportunities to elevate themselves from their lowly station, no matter the misery, death and destruction in the wake of their path.
Will one of them succeed in their quest for grandeur or will they be found drunk in the gutter, forgotten in darkness of an asylum or dangling from a rope outside a frontier town?

Number of players: 2-6 people
System: Call of Cthulhu 6ed. (Only the system, the scenario does not necessarily contain anything related to the Cthulhu mythos)
For mor information/questions:

Time slots
Sat 19:15 - Sun 03:00 : SG1
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Centuria - Cyberwolf

Roleplaying adventure in Centuria's Age of Information. The characters awake not knowing where they are or who the others might be. A group of scavengers finds them and bring them back to an underground camp. Can the characters find out what is going on before events catch up with them? An adventure for 4-5 players with premade characters available. Information about Centuria can be found at

Organized by: Centuria ()

Time slots
Sat 13:15 - Sat 19:00 : RG3
Sat 13:15 - Sat 19:00 : RG1
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Centuria - The Great Escape

Roleplaying adventure in Centuria's Age of Steel. The characters find themselves in a mining camp for criminals and must find a way out. But who can you really trust? An adventure for 4-5 players with premade characters available. Information about Centuria can be found at

Organized by: Centuria ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 19:00 : RG1
Fri 13:15 - Fri 19:00 : RG1
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Centuria - The Message

Roleplaying adventure in Centuria's Age of Knowledge. The characters work for the Inquisition and have been sent to investigate a number of mysterious killings. But nobody really want them to get involved so how will they find out what is going on? An adventure for 4-5 players with premade characters available. Information about Centuria can be found at

Organized by: Centuria ()

Time slots
Thur 13:15 - Thur 19:00 : RG3
Fri 13:15 - Fri 19:00 : RG3
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Confinatorium of the Calamitous Conjurers

?The Confinatorium? Yea, the warlocks down there have had a good while to prepare for adventurers and dregs like you lot! They're the worst of the worst and not even the Confinatorium can keep them from their wicked plots. If you even get that far without gettin' slain by the guardians... Yes, damn you! I'm still interested in buyin' their treasure!?

Confinatorium of the Calamitous Conjurers is a scenario for the old school revival hack Wyrms and Warrens. You play as adventurers who are robbing a wizard prison and might even do some good while your at it. The pace is as high as the fantasy and you should expect to lose a few player characters. Making a new one is quick anyway!

The game is a resonably open dungeon crawl. The focus is on problem solving and dice rolling. The goal is to find gold and treasure, unless the players decide, for instance, to do a good deed or kill someone they dislike.

Players: 3 - 6
No prior knowledge required, though having played some kind of DnD might be helpful.
Pregenerated characters are available for those who want them.

Organized by: Lund OSR ()

Time slots
Fri 00:00 - Fri 17:15
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : Wallenberg (Kårallen, plan 3)
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : Luftrummet (Kårallen, plan 3)
Sat 21:15 - Sun 01:00 : Wallenberg (Kårallen, plan 3)
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Det vita gardet

October 1917: On Lenin's order the bolshevik red guard havet seized control over St:Petersburg and the government have been put in prison. All over Russia, the old order of society is being broken down and a new one is being build, with the nations working masses as its heroes. With their sight set for a new, equal and solidary future, the revolution have gained momentum and in its implementation there can be no compromises.

A truck enters the Peter and Paul fortress, the revolutions new prison. In the truck there a several individuals who is considered, one way or another, a threat to the liberation promised by the revolution. They are called reactionary, class enemies, plutcrates, traitors and counterrevolutionaries. They are called "the white guard".

Number of players: 2-6.
For more information/questions:

Time slots
Fri 17:15 - Sat 01:00 : SG1
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End of the Begining (Mutant Chronicles 3ed)

An adventure in the world of Mutant Chronicles 3ed. The year is 3899 Gregorian calendar, or Year of the Cardinal 1319. Dark Eden Era is about to start, and humanity's fight against the Darkness can finally begin.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Arboga Spelsällskap ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Thur 01:00 : PG1
Thur 13:15 - Thur 17:00 : PG1
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : PG1
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : PG1
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Indierummet - Drop-In Rollspel

Are you looking forward to playing roleplaygames? Then it's to take a trip to Indierummet. Our range of roleplaying is widely varied, but the majority focus on drama and relationship between the characters. This because Indierummet originates from the Story-Now the movement. So whether you are a beginner or veteran of the hobby, you are more than welcome to join us.

Indierummet is organized in collaboration with F?reningen WRNU.

Organized by: Indierummet ()

Time slots
Thur 11:00 - Fri 00:00 (Drop-In Rollspel) : Kök PG
Fri 11:00 - Sat 00:00 (Drop-In Rollspel) : Kök PG
Sat 11:00 - Sun 00:00 (Drop-In Rollspel) : Kök PG

Skyddsrum 22

Dread is a roleplaying system without dice. Failure or success is decided by pulling pieces from a tower of wooden blocks. This scenario is written by myself. The system is not designed for campaigns where you strive to level your character. Instead it's a very cinematic system where we create the story together and the question is will anyone survive until the end? If you want an example of how this works you may check out TableTop on YouTube where they play one scenario using this system.

Organized by: Holy Dice ()

Time slots
Thur 21:15 - Fri 01:00 : RG3
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : RG3
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USCM - Drop-In rollspel

Roleplaying game in a military science fiction setting inspired by Alien/Starship Troopers. We run new games whenever we can put together a group of players and have a free GM. We normally play in Swedish but could run a session in English as well if needed.

Organized by: USCM ()

Time slots
Wed 19:15 - Thur 01:00 : RG2
Thur 13:15 - Fri 01:00 : RG2
Fri 09:15 - Sat 01:00 : RG2
Sat 09:15 - Sun 01:00 : RG2
Sun 09:15 - Sun 13:00 : RG2

Vid sjöns rand

Skr?mt is a Swedish roleplaying game about norse folklore in a darker version of Sweden. The session will be in Swedish.

Organized by: Svartviken Rollspelspodd ()

Time slots
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : Wallenberg (Kårallen, plan 3)
Thur 17:15 - Thur 21:00 : Luftrummet (Kårallen, plan 3)
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : visionskontoret (Kårallen, entréplan)
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : Grupprum Kårallen (etréplan följ skyltar
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24 / 7 Maffia

Mafia is a social and psychological game modelling a conflict between an informed minority, the mafia, and an uninformed majority, the innocents. At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams. The game has two alternating phases: night, during which the mafia may covertly "murder" an innocent, and day, in which surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated or until the mafia outnumbers the innocents.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Maffia Sverige ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Fri 13:00 : S35
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : C4
Fri 17:15 - Sat 13:00 : S35
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : C4
Sat 17:15 - Sun 01:00 : S35

Auktion & Loppis

Flea market
On Thursday, at 10-15, you can submit what you want to sell at the flea market. You set a fixed price and we charge 5 kronor per object. We receive max 10 object per person.
The flea market is open on Thursday 10-21 and Friday 9th - 17th. We receive cash, card and Swish.

On Thursday at 10-15 you can submit what you want to sell. The auction's commission is SEK 10 per object. We accept a maximum of 8 objects per person and 250 total. If you can not get on time, contact me in advance. Later on Thursday and during Fridays the objects are on display. You can, if not able to participate at the auction, submit written offers. All tenders are of course binding.

On Friday at 18:00 is the auction itself. We receive cash, cards and Swish.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Auktionen ()

Time slots
Thur 10:00 - Thur 21:00 (Loppis) : Colosseum
Thur 10:00 - Thur 15:00 (Inlämning till Auktionen) : Colosseum
Fri 09:00 - Fri 17:00 (Loppis) : Colosseum
Fri 18:00 - Fri 21:00 (Auktion) : C2


Siting down and being creative. Relaxing. Creat your own creations. use the ones that you can find online.

A little money will be taken.

Organized by: Pixelart ()

Time slots
Thur 10:00 - Fri 01:00 : S15
Fri 10:00 - Sat 01:00 : S15
Sat 10:00 - Sun 01:00 : S15
Sun 10:00 - Sun 13:00 : S15

Sagornas och lägereldarnas tid

Storytelling evening. Everyone is invited to come and tell or just listen.

Organized by: Berättarkvällarna ()

Time slots
Fri 21:15 - Sat 01:00 : PG1

Social Technical Interactive Gaming

We play social digital games and virtual reality

Organized by: S.T.I.G ()

Time slots
Wed 20:00 - Thur 00:00 : C3
Thur 13:00 - Fri 00:00 : C3
Fri 13:00 - Sat 02:00 : C3
Sat 11:00 - Sun 03:00 : C3

Spellaboratoriets experimentella spelturnering

An interdisciplinary tournament in a true scientific spirit.
The experiment takes place from thursday to its finale at 14.00 saturday.
For more information and participation seek up the room where Sm?l?ndska ?ppna is.

This is a torunament

Organized by: Spellaboratoriet III ()

Time slots
Thur 09:15 - Thur 21:00 : S2
Fri 09:15 - Fri 21:00 : S2
Sat 09:15 - Sat 14:00 : S2
Sat 14:00 - Sat 17:00 (Final) : S2


Mmmm, tea. Do you need a refreshing cup? Come visit the tea bar! Here you will always find freshly brewed tea; from the LinCOn-2018 brew, through black, green, rooibos and smoky to the enigmatic Electio Populi, where the LinCon visitors decide what's being brewed.

You are always welcoe at the tea bar!

Organized by: Tebaren ()

Time slots
Wed 19:00 - Sun 13:00 : Colosseum

Two Rooms and a Boom

The participants gets a secret role which divides the group in two teams, a blue and a red team. The blue team has a president, the red team a suicidebomber. The other participants also gets a special role. The game lasts for five timed rounds, so that the game always is 15 minutes long. Between every round one or more participants will have to switch rooms, and after the fifth and final round we check if the president and the suicidebomber are in the same room then the red team wins, otherwise the blue team wins.

During the game the participants may talk to each other to try to figure out who's who and what team you're on. It's allowed to lie or propose things, and also to show parts or all of your card to gather information about the other participants. Maybe you're the spy who runs around with "wrong" color on your card, or bouncer who may force participants to switch rooms midgame? There's also roles that are outside the red and blue team with agendas of their own. Maybe you're the mistress who wins if you're with the president when the game's over as long as the wife is not!

Drop in - no prior knowledge necessary - every game is 15 minutes effective playtime - works with groups of 6 to 30 participants!

Organized by: Holy Dice ()

Time slots
Fri 13:15 - Fri 17:00 : S35
Sat 13:15 - Sat 17:00 : S35